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Bonus Edition introduction by George Kupczak of the AT&T Archives and History Center

Note: there are some errors in this circa-2000 presentation: AT&T in fact only sold Western Electric's international business — not that entire company, and there are some text/picture mismatches.

By 2000—the year this film was produced—AT&T’s push to expand its cable services was paying off, as the amount of data carried by AT&T’s network exceeded the amount of voice data from phone calls, and AT&T Broadband became the largest cable company in the United States.

This film is probably the shortest made by AT&T on its own history, but it is packed full of information. It's interesting to see what portions of the company's deep and wide history are focused upon at this point in time — and what parts of the history are omitted.

Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

Release date: 12/06/2012

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