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A wordless film about basic office workplace safety, set in the "deep past" (1900s) and the more recent past (1976). This safety film was shot primarily at an AT&T Long Lines facility, but may have been shown to workers throughout the entire Bell System. (Workplace safety issues involving the dangers of office romance were yet to surface!)

The real star of this safety film, is, of course, George Wendt, playing the comedic/romantic lead. He was cast while still a member of Chicago's Second City comedy improv troupe (1974-1980); he's obviously in the film for his chops. This film pre-dates any other film appearance of his by a few years at least, and by the time he debuted in his landmark role, as Norm on Cheers, he'd already spent a few years in Los Angeles.

Note: The soapy "John/Marsha" comedic construct may have been lifted from the popular (#21 on Billboard) Stan Freberg recording of the 1950s.

Producer: Trackdown Productions

Footage Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

Release date: 08/15/2012

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