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AT&T Data Security Analysts John Hogoboom, Matt Keyser, Kos Semonski and Alex Pinto - Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist – Niddel, discuss Machine Learning (ML), marketing hype (AI) versus research and product reality, differences on unsupervised and supervised ML. The participants also discussed R00TZ, an event designed specifically for kids to introduce them to "White Hat" security. It includes hands on events, talks, and contests that are specifically geared for a younger crowd, including lock picking, soldering stations, capture the flag contests, technical talks and more. One of the keys to the success of the event, is that all these activities are specifically designed for and targeted for a young audience.

Discussion Topics

  • 00:12 - Machine Learning
  • 07:47 - R00TZ
  • 13:03 - Internet Weather Report

    Ports of Interest
    • 23/tcp (telnet)
    • 445/tcp (Microsoft-ds)
    • 5358/tcp (WSDAPI)
    • 21/tcp (FTP)
    • 8080/tcp (http-alternate)

Originally recorded August 15, 2017.

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Release date: 08/17/2017

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