AT&T Tech Channel

About this video

Produced and directed by Nell Cox, this film is a cinéma-vérité-style documentary about people who work in the phone system. With a light hand, Cox weaves together footage from a number of sources to give a profile of not just the range of personalities found at the phone company, but the range of environments and personalities THEY encounter as they go about their work. Compared to today, it presents a seemingly gentler portrait of the world--even when customers are cranky, they're almost always charmingly so, and the workers laugh off or shrug off any snags, soldiering on.

We meet - but never learn the names of - installers, operators, clerks, and repairpersons.

Renowned directors Albert Maysles and Richard Leacock contributed footage

Note: combines footage from the AT&T films Phone Man, Operator (1969), and Whose Side are You On.

Produced and Directed by Nell Cox
Music by the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble

Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ


Release date: 03/02/2011