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In 1982, the Bell System put forth the effort to extend the company's large World's Fair presence of the previous decades to a more lasting installation at Walt Disney's then-brand-new EPCOT, basically a permanent World's Fair.

Spaceship Earth, inspired by Buckminster Fuller (and Montreal's Expo '67) and conceived of with the help of science fiction author Ray Bradbury, was the centerpiece of EPCOT — an enormous, 2-layer geodesic dome that later gained the nickname of the "giant golf ball". This film shows an overview of the exhibits in place at the opening, including AT&T's usual "history of communications" timeline. Some of these exhibits still exist at Spaceship Earth, and some have been updated or replaced. AT&T was proud of its contribution to the park, and promoted EPCOT throughout the company as a vacation destination. Along with this film, AT&T also made promotional films for company executives, and even kept VIP suites in Spaceship Earth, where AT&T employees could host visitors.

AT&T sponsored the exhibit from its opening to 2004. In 2005, a new corporate sponsor was found, the German company Siemens.

Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

Release date: 02/03/2012