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AT&T Data Security Analysts Brian Rexroad, Matt Keyser and Jim Clausing, along with Dan Kaminsky of White Ops, discuss the week's top cyber security news, and share news on the current trends of malware, spam, and internet anomalies observed on the AT&T Network.

Discussion Topics

  • 2:46 - Upcoming security trends:
    1. Rate limiting - how do we slow data leaks?
    2. Signal extraction - what do systems only do when they're under attack?
    3. Open threat data - getting past the "everybody tell one guy" towards a more open model
  • 23:17 - Microsoft to end Patch Tuesday [source]
  • 36:00 - DarkReading: Vixie Proposes 'Cooling-Off Period' For New Domains To Deter Cybercrime [source]
  • 42:08 - What's going on with DNSSEC? How can we fix it?
  • 52:12 - Ars Technica: GPU-based rootkit and keylogger offer superior stealth and computing power [source]
  • 57:20 - Internet Weather Report
  • Ports of Interest
    • 9200/tcp
    • 53/udp
    • 80/tcp
    • 23/tcp
    • 17788/udp

Originally recorded May 12, 2015.

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Release date: 05/12/2015