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AT&T Data Security Analysts Brian Rexroad, Matt Keyser, John Hogoboom, and Manny Ortiz discuss the week's top cyber security news, and share news on the current trends of malware, spam, and internet anomalies observed on the AT&T Network.

Discussion Topics

  • 00:47 - Dell SecureWorks: Stegoloader: A Stealthy Information Stealer [source]
  • 7:59 - Bruce Schneier: "One of the problems with patching the vulnerability is that it breaks things" [source]
  • 13:01 - Ars Technica: Even with a VPN, open Wi-Fi exposes users [source]
  • 17:25 - ThreatTraq Top 5: What do I do if my data is stolen?
  • 27:38 - Brian Krebs: Password Manager LastPass Warns of Breach [source] [source]
  • 33:48 - Kaspersky: The Mystery of Duqu 2.0 [source]
  • 37:57 - Security Week: Serious Flaw in iOS Mail App Exposes Users to Phishing Attacks [source]
  • 41:29 - Internet Weather Report
  • Ports of Interest
    • 9101/udp
    • 513/tcp
    • 135/tcp
    • 25/tcp
    • 23/tcp

Originally recorded June 16, 2015.

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Release date: 06/16/2015