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Another milestone in communications history was reached as the telephone voiceway between Port Angeles, WA and Ketchikan, AK was placed in service in 1956.

This detailed 1957 film documents the cable-laying and testing operations of military and Bell System personnel which supplemented the existing ACS (Alaska Communications System) facilities. Highlighted in the film are the search for a lost buoy, splicing cable aboard the U.S. Army Cable Ship the Albert J. Myer, and the paying out of deep sea repeaters over the ship's bow.

The cable placed in service contained 48 telephone circuits. Eleven million pounds of cable were laid in each direction during the operation.

It was decades before the next cable replaced this one. Since 1991, however, 5 modern cables have been laid between the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

John Sutherland Productions
Director: True Boardman

Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

Release date: 04/27/2011